Customize your security solution

By tailoring an authentication solution to fulfil the specific requirements of your organization, you'll maximize the end user benefits and expedite the enrollment. We offer four customization packages for Net iD applications and your organizations smart cards.

  • Net iD Customized Packaging – Packaged configurations of Net iD Enterprise for customized and service-friendly solutions.
  • Net iD Portal Design Package – Adaption of user interfaces for Net iD Card Portal to meet your organization’s needs and graphic profile.
  • Net iD Smart Card Personalization – Personalization of smart card appearance and functionality.

Net iD Enterprise Customized Packaging

Improve user experience and adoption with a customized configuration of Net iD Enterprise for business friendly features and future proof functionality.

Net iD Customized Packaging can configure your Net iD Enterprise installation to fulfill an organization’s specific requirements and IT environment. You'll get a tailored installation package with exactly the configuration and graphic interfaces that are familiar to your employees.

Examples of functions that can be customized:

  • User dialogues with text and images
  • Session management, user switching, single sign-on, etc.
  • Automated events when using smart card
  • Links for support, assistance, contact information, etc.

You can rest assured that any configuration choices you make will remain valid over the course of time. For customers with support agreements we guarantee later releases of Net iD Enterprise will function no matter the customization you make.

Net iD Enterprise Customized Packaging ensures maximum user benefit and simplifies ongoing administration by automating processes.

Net iD Enterprise GPO

If you prefer to do the configuration by yourself Net iD Enterprise offers enhanced support for configuration using Active Directory Domain Services and Group Policy object (GPO).

A GPO can contain multiple configuration options, and is applied to all computers that are within the scope of the GPO. You can launch features for specific users, user groups or for all users.

  • Configure products in the Net iD product family via Microsoft Group Policy Objects.
  • Currently available for configuration of Net iD Enterprise and Net iD Connect for Citrix.
  • One component with user interface to be used on server side (Net iD GPO Editor) to configure the Group Policies.
  • One component on client side (Net iD CSE) that is installed with Net iD Enterprise.
  • Available documentation: Net iD GPO Administrator’s Guide v1.6.

Net iD Portal Design Package

The power behind Net iD is a strong and lean core. It offers high performance standards and reliability with the flexibility to adapt functionality when there is a change in the IT environment.

We give our customers the maximum possible flexibility using XML for configuration and API’s for integration with dependent systems. With Net iD Portal Customized Packaging, we adapt Net iD Portal to match your organization’s specific needs, policies and workflows.

Customizing the appearance of the portal gives administrators and users a tool that is intuitive and integrates seamlessly within the organization.

Examples of customizations with Net iD Portal Customized Package are:

  • Integration with dependent systems e.g. directories, databases, and applications
  • Logos, images, and background graphics
  • Texts and descriptions
  • Choice of font, size, and colors
  • Placement of boxes, texts, and links

Net iD Smart Card Presonlization

The standard smart cards that we supply together with the Net iD Enterprise client software are usually white PVC cards prepared for wireless access with integrated Mifare 4K, EM, and Hico magnetic stripe. You can choose contacted or contactless smart cards typically with dual interface.

Net iD Smart Card Personalization adapts smart cards to your organization’s graphic profile with custom logos, background patterns, colors, and fonts.

Customized smart cards are ideal for brand reinforcement and can be personalized with the user’s name and photo.

Managing the card coding for your specific entry system is another possible customization. This offers the advantage of using a single card for a secure login, as an entry card and a personal ID card.

SecMaker can provide layout suggestions and offer to print smaller quantities of cards.

For larger scale production we partner with several leading suppliers offering a range of services, centrally or on site, at your convenience.


  • Low and High Coercivity
  • Encoded to your requirements
  • Single or multiple tracks


  • Flexible packaging options
  • Multiple postage service levels

Card printing

  • Full thickness plastic cards
  • Gloss and Matte finish

Card personalization

  • Cards personalised both graphically and electronically
  • Barcoding
  • Print and production
  • Standard 3 of 9 barcodes through to 3D and QR codes

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