Hem Services Custom solutions

Customize your security solution

According to your needs

By tailoring an authentication solution to fulfill the specific requirements of your organization, you'll maximize the end user benefits and expedite the enrollment.

SecMaker's solutions allow you to customize both your security solution and both applications and carriers so that you get a unique installation package with the exact features and appearance that suits your organisation needs.


Customized Packaging

Net iD Customized Packaging makes it possible to configure your Net iD Enterprise installation to fulfill an organization’s specific requirements and IT environment. You'll get a tailored installation package with exactly the configuration and graphic interfaces that suits your needs.

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Portal Design Package

With Net iD Portal Customized Packaging, we adapt Net iD Portal to match your organization’s specific needs, policies and workflows. Customizing the appearance of the portal gives administrators and users a tool that is intuitive and integrates seamlessly within the organization.

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Group Policy Object

One Net iD Group Policy Object, (GPO) can contain multiple configuration options, and is applied to all computers that are within the scope of the GPO. You can launch features for specific users, user groups or for all users.

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Smart Card Presonlization

Net iD Smart Card Personalization adapts smart cards to your organization’s graphic profile with custom logos, background patterns, colors, and fonts. Managing the card coding for your specific entry system is another possible customization.

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