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Implementing a new security solution is no simple matter – there are all kinds of decisions to be made. However, it need not be all that difficult if you are well prepared and have the knowledge you need. SecMaker supplies a flexible platform for increased security featuring smartcards, mobile apps or virtual smartcards.

Help is at hand

We want you to know that help is always at hand. We provide packaged integration and training services that are often combined with a pre-paid hour bank that gives you access to an experienced solution architect in the event that unforeseen needs should arise. For example, it may have to do with integrating new functions in an existing environment, or developing new functions based on specific needs. It might also involve simplifying the administration and removing support-intensive factors.

Once the solution is up and running, its operation is usually handled by our support department in partnership with your helpdesk and operating partner. Before introducing Net iD into your organisation, we recommend that you book a half-day workshop on Net iD and PKI-based IT security.

Workshop – introduction

The workshop, which lasts half a day, provides you with an overview of the opportunities that exist, explains how Net iD functions in practice and lays out what an implementation project entails. The intention is for the workshop to result in a fundamental specification of requirements for the introduction of Net iD in your organisation and to give you tangible checklists to help you as the project proceeds.

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Set-up – in a live environment

Once the solution for proof of concept has been tested and assessed and the solution is ready for implementing in the actual operating environment, it can be helpful to have someone with you who has tried it before. We’re here for you.

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Proof of Concept – try it

Proof of concept, what is known as a prototype installation for login with certificates based on
Net iD Enterprise and Microsoft Certificate Authority for up to five users. We come out to you and set the solution up on site, adapted to suit the target environment.


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Experts on site

Just because your PKI solution is up and running, that doesn’t mean an end to all your organisation’s requirements for changes. Our experts give you the right tools and advice to ensure that you can adapt your security set-up to match new requirements, changes or needs.

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Do you need help getting started?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you.