Hem Services Portal Design Package

Customize your own portal


Portal Design Package

With Net iD Portal Customized Package, we adapt Net iD Portal to match your organization’s specific needs, policies and workflows.

The power behind Net iD Software Suite is a strong and lean core. It offers high performance standards and reliability with the flexibility to adapt functionality when there is a change in the IT environment.

We give our customers the maximum possible flexibility using XML for configuration and API’s for integration with dependent systems. 

Customizing the appearance of the portal gives administrators and users a tool that is intuitive and integrates seamlessly within the organization.

Examples of customizations with Net iD Portal Customized Package are:

  • Integration with dependent systems e.g. directories, databases, and applications
  • Logos, images, and background graphics
  • Texts and descriptions
  • Choice of font, size, and colors
  • Placement of boxes, texts, and links


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