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We are experts in fast, simple and secure login. SecMaker provides the solution you need for two-factor authentication or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). You can also be sure of quick and easy integration with all systems and applications. And using a single, reliable solution means getting significantly more for your money than working with multiple parallel solutions. We delivery our solution to suit the wishes, requirements and circumstances of your organisation.

Net iD OnPrem

The Net iD OnPrem form of delivery means that you run all the PKI architecture in your own environment, and use our product suite to structure the solution to match your specific wishes, requirements and circumstances. More details »

SecMaker Live iD

SecMaker Live iD is a cloud-based form of delivery for our product suite. Choosing this option means faster installation and start-up. In addition, there is no need for you to invest in expensive and time-consuming operation – even though you get the same security platform as the biggest public authority organisations. More details »

Net iD Public

Net iD Public is typically used by organisations looking to provide a national service for secure login, digital signature, encryption and management of digital identities. For example, EFOS, E-Identitet För Offentlig Sektor (E-identity for the public sector). More details »



We make it simple for you to introduce secure two-factor authentication. One PIN code instead of 10 passwords.



The solution is built on PKI, but allows a combination of different IT security methods.



Single sign on and short login times boost employee productivity.



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