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Net iD Public

Net iD Public

National solutions

Net iD Public is a form of delivery of the Net iD Software Suite where someone other than us or the customer is responsible for delivering the service. In practice, this often means organisations looking to provide a national service for secure login, digital signature/encryption and management of digital identities. In Sweden, EFOS (E-Identitet För Offentlig Sektor – E-identity for the public sector) is a customer of this kind. Our product suite is also used for national services in Finland.

Net iD Public

Coordination and collaboration produce the best security

New threats to information security are appearing on an almost daily basis, and more and more work is required to combat them. At the same time, more and more demands are being placed on the resources of IT departments, which are often stretched to the limits already.

Net iD Public is designed for organisations, public sector bodies and groups of enterprises keen to make it easier to introduce a shared solution in the field of authentication and identity management. No-one builds up their own mobile phone network in order to talk to their employees, customers and partners. And for the same reason, there is much to be gained by benefiting from shared initiatives in the area of qualified e-identities.

Several independent reports on the area have clearly demonstrated that coordination and collaboration are essential if the quality of national IT security is to become sufficiently high within a reasonable period. Development within each enterprise individually would produce weaker security at the same time as demanding significantly more resources.

Even so, most organisations are still choosing to go their own way and issue e-identities with different levels of assurance, without trying to benefit from joint initiatives in the area. This simply results in the wheel being reinvented over and over again – and in organisations missing out on the chance to share costs and experience with others.

Implementing Net iD Public entails using a single, reliable solution, which translates into getting significantly more for your money than working with multiple parallel solutions. At the same time, you have access to a shared gauge for exchanging information between initiated parties.

Net iD Software Suite

Net iD Software Suite

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