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SecMaker Live iD

SecMaker Live iD

More competitive strength with elevated IT security

SecMaker Live iD is a cloud-based form of delivery for our product suite. Choosing this option means faster installation and start-up. In addition, there is no need for you to invest in expensive and time consuming operation – even though you get the same security platform as the biggest public authority organisations use.

The new way to buy IT

You obviously don’t build your own mobile phone network to be able to talk to your customers and employees, or open your own bank clearing house to be able to pay your suppliers. In the same way, it’s taken as read that our new service provides access to our easy-to-use cloud service, which makes it quick and simple to start using digital identities robust enough to withstand the current level of cyber-threat.

The previously predominant form of delivery – whereby you built up everything yourself – is now old and outdated. Having spent more than 20 years developing and delivering IT security solutions crucial to major enterprises, banks, public authorities, health regions and municipalities, we now have a platform that is significantly better and stronger than you could reasonably manage to finance and develop on your own.

Net iD is based on the globally standardised data security method PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). PKI is quite simply indispensable if you want to protect yourself properly against identity theft and internet fraud. We are leaders in applied login security featuring PKI.

Always included in SecMaker Live iD

  • Highest accessibility
  • Cost-efficient solution – you only pay for what you actually use
  • 24/7 operation and monitoring
  • Redundant data centre in Sweden with the highest level of security
  • Scalability as and when you need it
  • Level of assurance to suit the needs of the organisation
  • Everything always updated to the latest version
Net iD Software Suite

Net iD Software Suite

SecMaker has a toolbox packed with everything you need for secure login. Our tools are our products – helping you to stay safe online.

Net iD Enterprise

The client software Net iD Enterprise is...

Net iD for Citrix

Fast and secure login to your Citrix env...

Net iD Access

Net iD Access gives you full PKI-based M...

Net iD Portal

Flexible administration and lifecycle ma...
Net iD Software Suite

Net iD Software Suite

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