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Akershus University Hospital

Back in the mid-1990s, Akershus University Hospital in Norway started work on plans to establish new facilities. Advanced information technology was needed to free up more time for care, improve patient security and future-proof the hospital itself.

The challenge

The new hospital needed new routines and significantly higher efficiency. Wireless networks and portable computers increased flexibility and, as a result, boosted productivity among the hospital staff. At the same time, IT security was improved for all systems used to handle sensitive patient data

The solution

The smartcard-based solution is founded on Net iD from SecMaker. The smartcards feature both a magnetic strip and a conventional RFID antenna, and allow staff access to medicine cabinets, cleaning stores and secure print-outs. Staff can even use the same cards as a means of payment in the staff canteen.


The certificates prevent non-authorised persons from accessing, reading and manipulating sensitive information. Secure exchange of doctor’s certificates, sick notes and e-prescriptions improves the efficiency of information flows, reduces paper consumption and frees up more time for the patients.

Card and PIN code are much more secure. At the same time, the users obtain more flexible login and out with fast and mobile access to system and information.

Sverre Knutsen,
IKT adviser
man tittar bort från kameran i en konferensrum

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