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Customer Case

Smart card for maximum IT security and user-friendliness

Customer Case


Around 10 years ago, the Swedish Public Employment Service was still using conventional passwords – which remained unchanged year in, year out – for logging into all parts of the IT environment. With 15,000 employees at 320 offices, the organisation had to do something radical to ramp up IT security.

The challenge

Employees were in the habit of borrowing each other’s passwords, and there was great uncertainty regarding who had access to what. Staff from one end of the country to the other needed access to information, swiftly and simply, at the same time as it was imperative to maintain the privacy of both employers and job-seekers.

The solution

All employees switched from conventional passwords to smartcard-based security, with the process running swiftly and smoothly during a short transition period. Once the smartcards were activated, the right certificate was automatically stored on each card on the basis of the user’s needs and authorisations.


IT security at the Swedish Public Employment Service was elevated to maximum level thanks to the organisation introducing login involving Net iD and smartcards. Today, all employees have access to the right applications and information when they use their smartcard together with their personally selected PIN code.

IT security has been raised to the max since we started to log in with Net iD and smart card. Naturally we are extremely pleased that we obtained user-friendliness into the bargain

Håkan Persson
Head of IT staff


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