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Customer Case

Municipality of Vaggeryd

The Municipality of Vaggeryd’s journey towards improved security commenced in 2010 when the municipal IT management defined two clear goals: to improve internal IT security at the same time as facilitating everyday work for the municipal staff.

The challenge

The IT department believed smartcard-based security was the way to go, but needed the right partner. SecMaker proved to be the best option given that the company shared the local authority’s vision regarding smartcard-based security – and had the requisite experience and knowledge.

The solution

The first stage in the roll-out of Vaggeryd’s security solution combined thin clients from Oracle with smartcards and the Net iD Enterprise security suite from SecMaker. The solution was gradually sold in to the users so as to demonstrate the benefits of the new way of working.


The Municipality of Vaggeryd’s nurses were quick to spot the benefits of the new solution and gave it a warm welcome. Healthcare staff have access to patient data and care services through thin clients no matter where they may be, while the support functions in Net iD make their working day easier.

We are now secure in that we have selected a platform which allows us to utilise new possibilities and thus more services as and when.

Tomas Johansson
IT Manager
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