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Net iD Access

Mobile workforce

It can be a challenge to have your users work on the move. The desire for increased freedom of choice and efficiency can, in the worst cases, transform into an unwanted compromise on IT security.

Today, people take for granted that they will be able to work remotely, via a mobile workstation, or in a virtual work environment. For this to be possible, however, your users must be able to work safely and securely on their mobile devices. The risk here is that your staff may start to come up with their own solutions that do not align with the existing IT security policy.

You therefore need a solution that can process and administrate different types of carriers. SecMaker opens the door to this solution by issuing certificates that identify and approve users with strong two-factor authentication based on certificates and PKI.

Secure information and apps

Net iD Access provides full PKI-based Multifactor Authentication to mission-critical information and applications on all types of client devices.

As it supports iOS and Android, you can be sure of maintaining security levels on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well. You provide security for your users by issuing file certificates or a smartcard used in an external card reader. Net iD Access works just as well with web applications as with mobile apps.

  •  Voit käyttää liiketoimintakriittisiä tietoja missä tahansa
  • Integroituu olemassa olevaan PKI-infrastruktuuriin
  • Hallinnoi asiakassovellusten integrointitarvetta kortinlukijoihin, kortteihin, avaimiin ja
  • Ilmainen asiakasohjelmisto iOS:lle ja Androidille
  • Mahdollistaa nopean käyttäjän vaihdon, monikäyttäjätoiminnallisuus


Strong two-factor authentication

Enjoy simple and secure access to mission-critical information no matter where you may be.

The SecMaker solution improves productivity and makes it simple for end users to comply with the IT security policy that applies within the organisation. With integrated support for strong two-factor authentication, based on certificates and PKI in mobile devices, Net iD Access uses existing smartcards – such as SITHS electronic employee cards – for login. Do you have a Citrix environment? No problem. You can login safely and securely using your smartphone and our built-in Citrix Storefront plug-in.

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Näin Net iD Access -ohjelmisto toimii

Net iD Access offers a complete solution for mobile security, featuring a server component and a cost-free application for the client side.

The solution provides full Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for your services, client application and server side, without the need for advanced PKI development. When users want to log into a service, they simply enter their user ID in the service application, which forwards it to the service’s server side. The server then sends a login request for the user to the Net iD Access Server using a simple web service call. At the same time, the user is switched over to the application.

Net iD Access and the actual login with the card or file-based e-identity are run against the Net iD Access Server. The Net iD Access Server verifies the user and reports “all clear” to the server side of the service. The user is automatically switched back to the service application and can then access the desired service. Net iD Access separates the information channel from the “security channel”. This is also known as “out-of-band authentication”.

It can handle a variety of different use cases – and the ones that can be used are defined through configuration for each service.

More opportunities

Increased flexibility and the ability to use modern communication tools that simplify work and allow a mobile way of working. A series of ready-made integrations ensures that the solution does the job in your specific IT environment. Read more about the possibilities in the product sheet.


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