Smart cards that reflect your organization

Net iD Smart Card Personalization

The standard smart cards that we supply together with the Net iD Enterprise client software are usually white PVC cards prepared for wireless access with integrated Mifare, EM, and Hico magnetic stripes on the back. Net iD Smart Card Personalization allows you to adapt your smart cards to your organization’s graphic profile with custom logos, background patterns, colors, and fonts. Customized smart cards are a strong brand builder for the organization.

Smart cards can also be personalized with the user’s name and photo. This offers the advantage of using one single card for both secure and easy login to the IT environment and as a personal ID card.

You decide if you want to design your own card or let SecMaker do the job. We would be happy to help develop suggestions for layout based on your organization’s requirements and requests.

We also handle card coding for your specific entry system. Of course the customer’s existing processes for this type of personalization can also be used.

smart card personlization

Order personalization

If you want to order personalization you download and fill in this order form and send it to If there are any card unique values such as name, serial number or title, complete this excel-file and send it together with the order form. If photo is desired you´ll send
those as PNG or JPG file saved in a ZIP-file. To achieve the best result the photos should be at least 300 dpi.

Download order form