A reliable partner for integration and support 

In collaboration with certified integration partners, we help you integrate smart card-based IT security in your organization. Skilled and experienced specialists in combination with established procedures and proven tools guarantee a smooth implementation of smart card based security. 

One solution for all your needs

Net iD’s modular design makes it possible to tailor the solution to your organization’s unique needs, target environment, and security policy. Our adaptability ensures that you get maximum benefit from your security solution while guaranteeing the smoothest rollout possible.

In collaboration with our partners, we offer services in:

Early smart card projects

The first PKI-based smart card projects implemented in the early 1900s were typically both costly and time consuming. The technology for smart card-based IT security was unsophisticated and far from standardized. Consultancy firms implementing the projects had little or no experience in the new kinds of solutions, and customer organizations often had an unclear picture of what would be achieved and why.

Smart card projects with Net iD

Today, Net iD offers an open and standardized platform for smart card based security that is both modular and flexible. Its modular design allows the Net iD solution to be customized to the unique needs of your organization. Prepackaged solutions for startup and installation at a fixed price, and with proven processes and documents, can considerably shorten the lead-time from start to project wrap-up. A major project that in the infancy of smart cards would have taken two to three years can today be completed in less than six months.





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