Improved user experience with business-tailored features

Net iD Customized Packaging

Net iD Customized Packaging helps you adapt the installation of Net iD Enterprise to your organization’s requirements and IT environment. You get a unique installation package with exactly the features and look you want.

Examples of functions that can be customized:

  • User dialogues with text and images
  • Session management, user switching, single sign-on, etc.
  • Automated events when using smart card
  • Links for support, assistance, contact information, etc.

For customers with support agreements, we of course take responsibility for your solution over time. No matter how the product and its configuration parameters change, you can rest assured that the choices you make will remain valid when you update to a later version of Net iD Enterprise.

Net iD Customized Packaging makes it easier to introduce a new security solution in your organization. It also helps ensure maximum user benefit and simplify ongoing administration by eliminating support-driven processes.