Get started with Net iD Start-Up Packages 

Start-up and installation

Seven Startup Packages make it easy for you to get started with smart card-based IT security:

  1. Preparatory workshop on card implementation
  2. Proof-of-Concept: Setup of Microsoft CA for smart card login
  3. Citrix session roaming with smart cards
  4. Smart card login based on third party certificates
  5. Microsoft CA and smart card login in operating environment
  6. Setup of Net iD Card Portal
  7. Setup of Net iD Transport

As a complement to our Start-Up Packages, we offer simpler  additional features focused on specific areas of use:

  • Smart card login in existing Citrix environments
  • Card Watch
  • Workstation Lock Down Smart Card Shell
  • Fast User Switching

Our partners help you

Our service packages are provided in collaboration with our integration partners.

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