As a complement to our more comprehensive Start-Up Packages, we also offer simpler features focused on specific areas of use.

Smart card login in existing Citrix environment

These features are based on Start-Up Package 4 – Smart card login based on third-party certificates, supplemented with support for configuration of smart card support in Citrix environments.

Card Watch

The Card Watch feature initiates a sequence of predetermined actions when users insert or remove their cards from the card reader. Card Watch is most commonly used on shared computers where users have the same login to the computer but individual logins for applications.

When the card is removed, the user is logged out from all applications and processes, which are then closed down in the proper sequence. This offers much more flexibility than what is possible with Microsoft operating system settings. Similarly, applications and processes can be started up when the user inserts their card in the reader.

Workstation Lock Down Smart Card Shell

The Workstation Lock Down feature enables full lockdown of Windows clients, with unlocking only via smart cards and certificates. This solution is most commonly used on shared workstations or workstations with high security requirements.

When the user inserts the smart card in the card reader, the client verifies certificate contents and performs the configured actions. As soon as the card is removed from the card reader, the client re-enters full lockdown.

Fast User Switching

The Fast User Switching feature enables fast user switching in Windows. Fast User Switching is much appreciated in organizations where employees share workstations with one or more colleagues and need quick and simple access to their personal configurations and information.