Start-Up Package nr 2

Proof-of-Concept: Setup of Microsoft CA for smart card login

The package provides a Proof-of-Concept installation, for login with smart cards based on Net iD Enterprise and Microsoft Certificate Authority for up to five users.

  • Customization and packaging of Net iD Enterprise for the target environment
  • Installation and configuration:
    • Setup of Microsoft Certificate Authority (Enterprise Root CA)
    • Integration of third-party certificates (e.g. e-legitimation or SITHS) and self-issued certificates
    • Creation of organization-specific certificate templates
    • Management of revocation lists
    • Setup of card issuance station
    • Setup of smart card-based online authentication for an existing website
    • Installation and packaging of Net iD Enterprise
    • Automatic disconnection of secure connections (SSL sessions)
  • Basic system documentation customized for the target environment
  • Training for implemented solution and presentation of Net iD Enterprise possibilities

The Start-Up Package includes a 90-day demo licence for Net iD Enterprise, 5 smart cards and 5 card readers. 30 days of free support and remote support to verify the solution in the target environment is included. Support for the implemented function is handled through a support agreement.

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