Secure login with smart cards on tablets and smartphones

Net iD Access

Net iD Access allows you to make business-critical information and applications available on smartphones, tablets and all other types of mobile devices. End users gain increased flexibility and the possibility of using modern communications tools to simplify their work, with no compromise to IT security.

Net iD Access integrates support for smart card-based login in mobile devices by using the organization’s existing security solution and PKI infrastructure. This enables you to secure your mobile applications in the same way as you would at a stationary workstation, and users can use existing smart cards, such as the SITHS electronic employee card, for secure login.

Net iD Access works just as well with web applications as with mobile apps.

Benefits of Net iD Access

  • Smart card-based security for mobile devices
  • Access to business-critical information wherever you are
  • Integration with existing PKI infrastructure
  • Management of client app integration needs with card readers, cards, certificates and keys
  • Support for iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X

How it works

Net iD Access offers a complete solution for mobile security with an app for the client side and a server component. The solution ties together your own service’s client application and server-side login without the need for advanced PKI development. You choose if you want to handle validation and revocation checking in Net iD Access Server or on the server side in your services.

All information exchange between your service server, Net iD Access Server, and Net iD Access app is secured via encryption.

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