Simplify issuance and management of smart cards and certificates 

Net iD Card Portal

Net iD Card Portal simplifies ongoing administration of smart cards, certificates, and users. The portal ties together the underlying infrastructure: certificate service, directory service, and database of issued smart cards in a web-based, platform-independent interface.

With Net iD Card Portal, you can issue, activate, unlock, and renew smart cards, change security codes and handle advanced certificate management. Lost, blocked, or forgotten cards are handled quickly and easily in the portal. Renewing expiring certificates or blocking certificates is just as easy.

The service is easily adapted to different issuance scenarios: from a model in which all administration is handled centrally to models where users download their certificates and manage their own smart cards. The company’s organization, geographic distribution, and decisions involving security policies and certificate management control the technical solution – not the other way around.

Net iD Card Portal for administrators

  • Management of smart cards and users
  • Issuance of certificates
  • Review and blocking (revocation) of certificates
  • Management of card templates
  • Management of PIN policy
  • Management of administrator groups
  • Logging and reporting of users, smart cards, and issued and revoked certificates

Net iD Card Portal for employees

  • Activation of own cards and issuance of user certificates
  • Change of security codes
  • Unlocking of security codes with unlock code

Customizing Net iD Card Portal for your organization

Net iD Card Portal Design Package lets you customize the portal’s user interface to your organization’s needs and graphic profile.

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