Simple and secure login with smart cards

Net iD Enterprise

Net iD Enterprise is the market’s most advanced client software for secure and easy login in the IT environment with smart cards. It is based on the PKI security standard and offers support for authentication, encryption, and digital signing.

Net iD Enterprise integrates smart cards in all target environments with support for certificate-based security: Windows, OS X, Linux, and systems with thin clients. Standardized application interfaces make it easy to integrate Net iD Enterprise with applications such as EMR, POS, and ERP systems, and services such as MS Active Directory and VPN solutions.

Net iD Enterprise supports all common  smart cards from the market’s leading suppliers

Easy and secure login

Net iD Enterprise simplifies and streamlines your employees’ work. This, in turn, also increases the chances of compliance with the organization’s security policies, ultimately resulting in better IT security.

  • Single sign-on with smart cards and PIN codes gives the user fast and easy access to all services, applications, and information requiring certificate login.
  • Automated processes simplify daily work as applications can be started automatically when the user logs in, and shut down automatically when the user leaves the workstation.
  • Session roaming lets users take their card with them when they leave the workstation and directly resume work in the same session, with programs and documents, from another workstation.
  • Fast User Switching enables fast and easy switching between users on local workstations, with full access to data and retained security.
  • Workstation Lock Down protects information and applications from unauthorized access by completely locking down the computer environment until a new card is inserted into the reader and a PIN code is entered.

Smooth administration and management

Net iD Enterprise also offers effective support for security managers in their work to implement a new security policy and ensure that it is complied with.

  • Central management of configurations makes it easy to customize and manage custom configurations for different user groups with different needs centrally via group policies by using Net iD GPO.
  • Central management of PIN policy simplifies the introduction of a more secure policy by determining how often a PIN code should be changed, reminding when it is time to change it, and controlling what codes are permitted.
  • Central logging of events helps security managers track intrusion attempts by reporting, e.g. repeated login attempts with the wrong PIN code or a stolen card.
  • Central reset of smart cards lets the administrator erase all certificates from the smart card and reset it to its original format.
  • Adaption of user dialogs can be done via different “Providers”, e.g. Net iD Credential Provider, to simplify user dialogs and make them more intuitive.

General Minidriver vs. Net iD Minidriver/CSP 

Generic smart cards delivered directly from the card supplier usually come with a Minidriver, which along with Microsoft Base CSP provides base functionality for smart card login. Net iD Enterprise contains an advanced CSP and an expanded Minidriver that, in addition to basic functionality, also supports all major smart cards and offers a number of advanced features such as single sign-on (SSO), session roaming, and Fast User Switching. Net iD Enterprise thus offers more support and increased flexibility to the smart card user.

Single sign-on to the cloud with Net iD Enterprise

The full benefits of PKI-based login with smart cards in the cloud are realized when used in combination with federated login. In this method, smart cards and PIN codes are used for primary login, and then Single Sign-On (SSO) is offered with federation for all underlying services. The solution provides full IT security in the cloud while simplifying workflows for individual employees who don’t need to log in separately for each individual application.

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Net iD software as a service

Net iD SaaS gives you all the benefits offered by Net iD and smart cards in the form of a cloud-based service. Regular software updates, maintenance, and support are included.

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Customizing Net iD Enterprise for your own organization

Net iD Customized Packaging gives you a customized installation packaging of Net iD Enterprise, tailored to your specific IT environment. You can also customize the user interface, graphic design, text and information flows to meet the needs of your organization

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