Net iD Software as a Service

Net iD SaaS

Net iD SaaS gives you all the benefits offered by Net iD and smart cards in the form of a cloud-based service. Net iD SaaS gives you access to all the functionality offered through the Net iD Enterprise client software and administrative support through Net iD Card Portal. Regular software updates, maintenance, and support are included.

With select partners providing Net iD Software as a Service, you don’t need to install server hardware or software. Because your cloud service supplier also takes full responsibility for the administration, management and monitoring of the solution, the pressure on your IT organization is reduced.

You pay on a monthly basis for Net iD SaaS, with a set price per user and month. This frees up capital while increasing flexibility and simplifying license management and administration.

  • New features and updates with minimal in-house effort
  • Reduced need for maintenance and support
  • No direct costs or capital tie-up in your own IT infrastructure

Clear, fixed pricing model for simplified budgeting

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