Development tool giving you the foundation for mobile security with smart cards

Net iD Software Development Kit

Net iD SDK gives application developers a platform that lets you integrate smart card-based security in mobile applications based on Android and iOS. By providing a development tool, rather than a turnkey application, we offer you the means to work around the limitations that still exist for IT security in mobile environments. You’ll get the opportunity to find a solution for maximum mobile security.

We plan  to soon be able to offer generic support for client applications on mobile devices in the same way that we currently offer support for smart card based security in all types of stationary environments.

System requirements: smart cards and card readers

Net iD SDK supports all smart cards that can be used with Net iD Enterprise. In its first version, Net iD SDK offers support for card readers from two suppliers of mobile card readers:

  • Precise Biometrics Tactivo readers for iOS and Android
  • Feitian card readers iR301 and bR301 for iOS and Android

Additional card readers will be added as functioning versions become available on the market.

Getting started with Net iD SDK

Developers can gain access to Net iD SDK by signing a Software Evaluation Agreement. After submitting your signed and scanned agreement to our support, you will be able to download Net iD SDK from SecMaker’s Support Portal.

Download Software Evaluation Agreement