Why professionals choose Net iD

Public agencies, organizations, and companies throughout the Nordic region choose Net iD to protect information, systems, and data traffic. Over a million users log in every day with Net iD and smart cards. Read on to find out why Net iD is the obvious choice for smart card-based IT security.

Secure and user-friendly login

Net iD combines the PKI security method with smart cards, the most proven and accepted method for organizations demanding the highest possible security. Find out more here.

The right technical solution is just one side of the coin when it comes to improving an organization’s IT security. The other side is employee involvement and acceptance. Net iD applications are designed to make it easy to implement a better security solution. Faster and easier login improves employee workflows and ensures that your organization’s security policies are fully complied with.

Open and standardized platforms

Net iD is based on open international standards and documented interfaces. This ensures that the solutions function independently of the platform or operating system you use: Windows, Linux, Novell NetWare, Mac OS X, Microsoft Terminal Server, or Citrix.

Standardized interfaces simplify integration with applications and services like MS Active Directory, WAAD, VPN solutions, and business support systems: EMR systems, POS systems, etc. You can integrate Net iD into virtually any target environment without costly and time-consuming special modifications. 

Modular and flexible solutions

A modular architecture makes Net iD  more adaptable than other alternatives on the market. This ensures that you can obtain the exact IT security solution your company or organization requires, and that it can be adapted when the circumstances and needs of your organization change. Because the Net iD solution can be upgraded while up and running, you get continuously updated IT security without disturbing operations. 

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