A successful smart card implementation comprises several different components: from Net iD software and smart cards to certificate issuance and integration in underlying target environments with applications and technical platforms.

To ensure that our solutions work optimally and provide maximum results, SecMaker has established close collaborative relationships with partners throughout the value chain.

Integration partners

System integrators and resellers are the essential link between SecMaker and you as customer in the integration of smart card based IT security.

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Cloud- & Hostingpartners

As an alternative to a proprietary installation, our cloud and hosting partners offer cloud-based solutions for login with Net iD and smart cards.

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Certificate Authorities 

Partnering with trusted certificate authorities (CA) is a prerequisite to ensuring the highest IT security.

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Knowledge partners

Our knowledge partners help you safeguard the softer parts of a rollout project like processes, procedures, and protocols.

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Technology partners

Close collaboration with suppliers of applications, services, and platforms ensures that smart card-based login works in all target environments.

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Smart Card Suppliers 

Partnerships with the market’s leading smart card suppliers guarantee that Net iD works with all types of smart cards. Standards ensure that smart cards and card readers from different manufacturers are compatible.

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Technology partners