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Widely through Europe law and IT security directives enforces increased use of twofactor authentication in different industries. The financial industry has its own requirements as well as healthcare. The security method PKI and smart cards is the most common.

The smart card project in the European market is often characterized by the following factors:

• Vendor specific smart card operating systems
• PKCS#15 or proprietary file layout
• Centralized issuance and personalization
• Use of seperate keys and PIN-codes for authentication and digital signing.

The client software Net iD integrates smart card functionality i all system environments and flexible handles the most common smart card operating system on the market. The work is secured by a longterm and confidential partnership with the leading actors in the value chain.

We offer you who works with the development of applications and web services competent help and assistance on how to best provide your applications with support for smart cards and Net iD.

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Technical manual

You can implement secure and easy login to all types of target environments through the standardized integration interfaces PKCS#11 and Crypto API. Find out more about the interfaces and how to proceed  in our technical manual. Order the manual by filling in youe contact details below. 

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