Technology partners

Since the start, SecMaker has taken an active role in driving advancements in smart card-based IT security. Today, we work with many of the industry’s most influential stakeholders: suppliers of platforms, operating systems, thin clients and mobile devices. A close dialogue with employees on all levels at our partner companies, from executive management to technology experts and engineers, ensures that our solutions for secure and easy login function optimally in all types of target environments. SecMaker also actively participates in various forums composed of institutions and public agencies aimed at standardizing and further developing PKI and smart card-based login for the public sector.

  • Appsense


    SecMaker and AppSense collaborate to optimize security and performance, for example login times, in large scale VDI projects.

  • imprivata_140


    Imprivata is a leading provider of authentication, access management and secure communication solutions for healthcare. We collaborate to offer SSO for all applications, even for those who require username and password.

  • LOGO1


    The partnership with VMware safeguards one of VMware’s ultimate goals – enabling customers to use computing power from any client platform, even using smart cards.

  • Precise 140

    Precise Biometrics

    Precise Biometrics develops Tactivo, card readers for mobile devices. We collaborate to ensure that all apps in iOS, Android, etc., have optimal functionality with smart cards.

  • Intel 140


    SecMaker’s collaboration with Intel Healthcare and Life Science Solutions aims at ensuring maximum performance and optimization of solutions to promote mobile workflows in the healthcare sector.

  • Igel 140

    Igel Technology

    This German company is Europe’s largest manufacturer of thin clients. We collaborate on the integration of Net iD in the company’s products.

  • HP140

    Hewlett Packard

    The partnership with Hewlett-Packard aims at ensuring optimal functionality with smart cards in HP products, including laptops and tablets. The agreement allows HP to integrate and distribute Net iD Connector in its thin clients.

  • Apple 140


    Our partnership with Apple ensures that users can work with mobile devices and smart card login in all environments and business management systems.

  • Citrix Systems

    Since 2003, SecMaker has enjoyed a strategic partnership with American software manufacturer Citrix Systems, enabling the use of smart cards and PKI with Citrix products. We are one of Citrix’s seven global Authentication Partners.

    SecMaker is a member of the Citrix® Partner Network. This ensures that the Net iD software is compatible with Citrix® software. SecMaker and Citrix Systems, Inc. collaborate to expand smart card and PKI authentication for Citrix® Application Delivery infrastructure.