Login with smart cards: the new alternative

More and more organizations are realizing that it is time to replace passwords with smart card login. Smart cards give you:

  • More secure workflows
  • Happier employees and increased productivity
  • Less administration and lower costs

More secure workflows         

Login with smart cards and personal PIN codes provides two-factor authentication, which is significantly stronger than traditional, single factor-based passwords. Users are identified in the IT environment through certificates, which are stored on the smart card and removed from the workstation by the user when they leave. After login, all communication between users and systems takes place in an encrypted tunnel, which minimizes the risk of information phishing and man-in-the-middle intrusion.

Together, these three steps eliminate the security risks associated with traditional password management.

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Happier employees and increased productivity

Because just one smart card and PIN code can be used for secure login to different systems and applications, the user no longer needs to manage multiple passwords. Nor do they need to remember complex passwords that change every month or two.

With the right architecture and design, a smart card solution also offers a range of other benefits that simplify the user’s workday by increasing mobility and versatility – without compromising security. The result? Happier employees and improved productivity throughout the organization.

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Less administration and lower costs

Smart cards improve IT security and minimize the risks of costly intrusions. A personally issued card with a PIN code can be used to log in to virtually any system or application, both stationary and mobile. This makes things simpler for the user and reduces the IT department’s costs for ongoing password administration.

The same smart card solution can also be used for physical access to buildings and premises, to make payments, for secure printing and as a personal ID card. The synergies offer new possibilities for cost savings both in investments and regular maintenance.


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