Interfaces - Details - EndUserInfo Type

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The type EndUserInfoType holds information about the end user that is known by the SP. It is a parameter in the Authenticate and Sign method.





The type of information about the end user. There are two allowed types (string, 1 - 20 characters):

IP_ADDR_WEB - End user web IP address.
This should be the remote address and not a HTTP header value.

IP_ADDR_APP – End user App IP address.
This should be the remote address and not a HTTP header value.

More types may be added in the future. This will not affect the RP Web Service interface version.



The Personal Number of the end user.


Fault status

All faults are of the FaultStatusType enumeration type. One new fault was introduced in version 2. One existing fault in version 1 is also used in a new situation. It has the following elements:




Input parameters are missing or invalid.


The security configuration of the RP does not allow the requested operation. This can be if the RP is not configured at all, that the SP is not enabled or that the SP does not have access to the order (i.e. the order belongs to another SP)


The PKI validation of the signature for Authentication or Sign failed. Could be caused by the mobile client not encrypting correctly.


Some kind of temporary problems. This is if the OCSP server has temporary problems that prevent the verification of the End User for signatures. Retry at a later time.


Internal error in SP Service. This is some kind of unexpected error in the system, e.g. problems with network or database. Also of the OCSP server can’t be contacted.


The End User is unknown or not valid. The reason for this can be that the End user is never enrolled or that the certificate is expired, revoked or blocked. This fault is also returned if the End User is not valid when verifying a signature.


The signature has already been collected; it can only be collected once.


The queried transaction has expired. The check for expired transaction is done first, before starting to handle the collect request. This fault will only be returned when the order becomes expired, repeated calls will return INVALID_PARAMETERS


Not used


The mobile client is invalid. This is due to not following the protocol correctly in the Genuine Software Verification.




The mobile client reported that the End User cancelled the Authenticate or Sign request.


The order has been cancelled. If an Authenticate or Sign order is already present for a personalNumber when a new one is ordered then the RP that first created the order receives this fault and the order is cancelled. The RP that sends the second order receives ALREADY_IN_PROGRESS fault. There is no order active for personalNumber after that.

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