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Interfaces - Details

Abbreviations and naming conventions in this documentation:
NiA = Net iD Access (The App used for login and signing)
NiAS = Net iD Access Server (The Web Service communicating with the service and with Net iD Access)
The Service = The heart of the solution with webserver, applications server, databases etc.
SP = Service Provider

Net iD Access Interafece Description
This document describes the Web Service interface for the Net iD Access Server. The interface is used by a Service Provider, SP, to request authentication and signature from a mobile device client. The resulting PKCS#7 signature can be validated before it is returned to the service. The web service contains the methods described below and is defined by the WSDL and XSD. In production environments SSL/TLS will used to secure the transport towards the web service. Client authentication is required with SSL/TLS client certificates.

As the Web Service interface evolve over time new parameters and methods can be added. The changes will be in a new version of the interface leaving the existing version unchanged for a while but the old version will eventually be deprecated and removed. As new functionality is introduced to the system then the behaviour of an existing version of the interface may change, e.g. existing faults may also be used in new situations.

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