Net iD Logon for Windows

Since Windows Vista and beyond, the concept of GINA where replaced by an architecture called "Credential Providers".

It means that if you want to modify something technical, graphics or both in the logon phase, you need a Credential Provider.

This is a feature you get with Net iD Enterprise.

There are more dialogs you can modify for your experience like Certificate choice dialog in Internet Explorer or different variations of PIN dialogs.

All the functions are controlled by separate sections in Net iD configuration and they all have the possibility to modify the text under and above the picture and the picture itself.

Example when fields are fetched from the certificate and the remaining PIN attempts are directly from the smart card.

Net iD Logon

Net iD Credential provider

Net Id CP have the possibilitycan affect Windows logon experience, VPN connection, RDP pre-authentication, UAC prompts and sites that uses “integrated authentication”.

Net iD Enterprise have two technical sulotions to implement this.

The first one is “wrap” / forward the display information to Microsoft Credential Provider.

The second one is a full scale Credential Provider.

Technical example: Net iD enable the opportunity to have smart card credentials in focus at Windows logon in Windows 10.

When Net iD Full CP is used, it is not possible to use Microsoft smart card removal service to detect a removed card.

Net iD has the configuration taskbarenvent – remove which is a corresponding solution.

Its also possible to add clarification to the side bar card reader display.

Example adding user name from the certificate. If you have more than one certificate , more than one smart card and smart card readers.

Net iD Logon

Net iD Certificate Provider

Add the possibility to affect Certificate choice dialog in Internet Explorer when TLS/SSL logon is used.

Net iD Logon

Net iD Change Provider

If Net iD Minidriver installation is used (not in normal cases) the possibility exist to change PIN 1 of the smart card through Windows built in “change password” function.


Net iD Unlock Provider

Add the possibility to unlock a locked smart card at Windows logon.
It its not configured, only a massage saying that the card is locked will be displayed.

Net iD Logon

Net iD and PIN dialogs

There are several PIN dialogs that Net iD adds a better experience to.

Windows built in VPN client PIN dialog, RDP client PIN dialog, UAC prompt and run as other user.

Some times Net iD Minidriver and “Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider” is used.

Then its possible to affect Microsoft PIN-dialog with Net iD PIN Provider.

UAC example:

Net iD Logon

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